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The second attempt at a winter Presidential Traverse (Mt. Washington trip) is coming up this year.  Because I (Gordon) am having a miniature human (baby) in February… the trip has to be pushed up a couple months.  

I guess I am suppose to be around the last 2 months of pregnancy or something like that.

Hopefully I don’t lose my fingers so I can hold the little guy. So with all this said we have 2 months to prepare!!!! This means you Steve!!!  Fix your knee!  My training will mostly be pulling the tire around my parking lot at the facility.  I am sure I’ll have some videos to share.  

In other news Andy hit 86 mph from the mound yesterday and 99 mph with a wiffleball.  Just for giggles I hit 92 mph.  I had to prove I still “got it.”  Using the wiffleball shows true arm speed.  I think increasing Andy’s arm speed to 99 mph transfered to his all time high 86 mph with the baseball.  So congrats to him


Baseball at Body-Improvements

Posted: September 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

Since the grand opening of our facility in May we have been working with a lot of baseball players of all ages. Thanks to Jerry Cooper and the Hitter’s Coop my dream has become a reality.  In addition to strength training I have been helping coach the Hitter’s Coop 13 and under team.  We went 2-2 at our first tournament last weekend. The team, call The Force, played awesome. The kids are very talented and have a great future ahead of them in baseball.  I’ll have the pleasure of working with them all fall through spring, so look for updates.

In other updates 17-year old Andy Brightman, a client at Body- Improvents, hit 92 mph with a 4 0z ball and 88 mph with a baseball with a crow hop.  Andy’s goal is to throw 90 mph by spring. His velocity was at 76-77 mph just 3 months ago when started with me.  He now throws 81-82 off the mound and has hit 84.  He is by far one of the hardest working kids I have ever worked with. He never misses a workout  and his intensity is through the roof  every day.  His work ethic is one to look up to.  He will no doubt hit his goal + , by spring. So keep up the hard work Andy.   Check out the advertisement vid we put together.