Who are these dweebs?

Body-Improvements, LLC is a company founded by Steve Troutman and Gordy Kocher.  They are, for lack of a better term, fitness consultants.  They started in this field as personal trainers nearly a decade ago.  Along the way they started training athletes as well, evolving into strength & conditioning specialists if you will.  Or how about physical preparation specialists – that sounds even fancier.

They’ve some things to say.  Who knows how frequently, but when they do share their thoughts on the blog, it’ll likely be to highlight Q&As they’ve had with people emailing them, to review a book or product related to the fitness industry, to share an article they wrote on the main site, or to highlight proper exercise form or showoff a client’s accomplishments, and, most importantly, to hear themselves speak.

Personal training is a funny industry.  Personally, in my opinion, most people calling themselves personal trainers are the equivalent of booger-picking-and-eating morons.  You know the ones… they’ve the standard-issued LA Fitness training manual in hand, sleeves rolled tight, hair slicked back, and they’re dishing out free sessions to all the hot chicks in the gym.

Not once do they stop and think about the advice they’re dishing.  Taking time to think critically and to learn about the sciences that pertain to exercise and its relation to the human body are foreign concepts to them.

There are no barriers to entry in terms of finding work in the fitness industry and mostly anyone who has a functioning brain (even that is questionable) can call him or herself a personal trainer.  In addition, the Internet established the framework that allows Johnny Trainer to become an authority regardless of his level of experience or knowledge.

This has exacerbated a problem where misinformation is being spread like wildfire.  People desperate to improve fall victim to con-artists solely interested in fattening their wallets.  Marketing hype paired with the desperation of the masses drives this industry – you better believe it.

We are unique in that our passion isn’t money.  Money doesn’t drive us.  We simply love this field.  We love helping people reach their goals.  We love spreading sound advice and information and seeing people run with it.  Your success is our success.

At www.body-improvements.com we do provide services that our clients pay for.  The community, as a whole, however, is so much more than that. I’d be happier seeing 1,000 people join our forum than having 10,000 people sign up for our services.

Trust is earned.  We understand and realize that.  All we’re asking for is the opportunity to build that trust.  Allow us to be the provider of your fitness information.  We’ll be as objective as humanly possible and our information will be backed by evidence and experience.

In 2008 we opened our own gym in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.  In 2010, we opened another facility in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.  We love working with the wide array of people who visit us in-person.  There’s a much larger audience here on the web though.  Sure, there’s a lot of people vying for your attention.  All we’re asking for is a chance at your attention.  If you like what we have to say, great. Sign up for the RSS feed, sit back, and chime in via the comments when you like what we have to say, have questions, or even when you disagree.





  1. Beth says:

    Hi ya Steve! Congrats on the launch of the blog and all your endeavors! I have bookmarked your blog and looking forward to future reads.

  2. Hi ya Steve! Congrats on the launch of the blog and all your endeavors! I have bookmarked your blog and looking forward to future reads.

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