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Here’s what the workouts look like so far.  Most of the guys have just started a month or so ago so we are still working on building a base and still mastering the exercises.  My guys are squatting, deadlifting and lunging like crazy.

Once we build solid core strength we start  with the med balls. The guys are going to work their way up to about 180 throws per week.  I also started some of the guys on heavy ball throwing, either from the mound, flat ground and even crow hops. We use the 6 oz ball and I like to finish off the set with the 4 oz ball.

We clock every throw and keep track of their progress. There is nothing like watching the velocity creep up. For upper body I like pressing with the neutral grip swiss bar. The bar helps avoid should impingement.  We do every row imaginable. I throw in a lot of pre-hab shoulder exercises and stretches at the end of each workout.

Mobility is one of the most important aspects of velocity.  There is no point in having new strength if you can properly use it. For increasing mobility we do tons of movement drills and we use myofascial release with the foam roller every day. Here some pics of the guys.

IMG_3845IMG_3887Keith MoyerNick HinksonIMG_3859


Whats new at Body-Improvements

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Body-Improvements at the Hitter’s Coop is introducing a new program come November.  To make training a little more affordable we’re starting semi-private training.  Semi-private training will have all the perks of one-on-one training.  The difference is you won’t be the only client being supervised during your hour.  Some individuals I’m sure prefer one-on-one training and that’s entirely fine – it’s still a service that we happily offer at BI.

That said, what are the perks of semi-private training?

Some clients prefer the interaction with others while training.  We’ll never have a packed gym as many big box gyms have but with our semi-private platform, you might share the floor with 3-5 others.  Often times families, teammates and friends love this setting as they’re able to receive attention from a trainer while working out alongside one another.

Another perk of semi-private training is the fact that you will have the privilege of working with us 3-4 times week at a very attractive price relative to one-on-one training.  Stop by the facility for pricing information or simply drop us an email.

The hours of the program are going to be Mondays and Wednesday at 6-8 pm, Fridays from 4-6 pm and Saturday mornings from 10-12 am.  Additional times will be decided upon request.

In other important news, Keith Moyer has returned. As I speak Keith is lying on bench paralyzed by exhaustion from tire pulls. There is nothing like tire pulls your first day back. Believe or not Keith wanted to do these. Keith has a fastball in the upper 80s and was elected 1st team last year as a junior. He’s got a lot of work cut out for him this year for Souderton High school being the only returning pitcher. Keith has  been working with me (Gordy) for about 2 years now. His strength and power is that of a guy twice his size.  His arm strength is unbelievable and he still has room for improvement.  Check out the tire pulls!!


Nick is getting ready for his how showcase at Temple this weekend. Due to the weather it was pushed from last Saturday to this Saturday.  I lowered his volume a little this week so he can be 100 percent for Saturday.  Hss arm feels great and strong and I’m sure he will perform at his best, so wish Nick luck. Here is a video of him working with his pitching coach.

I want to start off by wishing Nick Hinkson luck this weekend. Of course with all of his hard work he doesnt need it.  Nick has a show case at Temple University this Sunday, so throw gas Nick.

I went to watch another of my athletes pitch this weekend, but of course he gave me the wrong time.  I’m not going to mention names…. ANDY. So thanks to him I forced my pregnant wife to sit out in the cold and watch players we didn’t know.  She wasn’t happy of course.

The 13 and under team had a tournament last weekend. We went 1-2.  They played great though. We played some pretty talented teams. Our next tournament will be Halloween weekend, so we have a lot of work to do.  The kids will start strength training in December, so I’m looking forward to that.

Hiking this weekend!!!! It’s too bad that not one of friends is willing to go….ya not one ! I realized that not that many people share the same interest as me.  Steve would be a go if he didn’t blow out his knee.  I was planning on completing the west rim trail at the PA grand Canyon, but since I’m solo and the wife doesn’t like the idea of me hiking with no cell phone service I have to change my destination to the Appalachian trail. I plan on hiking 50 miles  heading south of Hawk Mt solo.  It will be the furthest that I have ever hiked. The weather is going to be terrible so it’s going to be fun.

A tribute to a fellow adventurer…

With fall ball coming to an end the kids are starting to get back into the swing of things in terms of strength training.  With this being the first off season for me at the new facility I am the excited to be working these guys.  Check out these videos  of Andy Brightman and Nick hinkson showing what they got.