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Good Reads – 5/16/11

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Good Reads

What’s the deal with being fat and fit?  Tom Venuto breaks down some recent research that highlights how some people can smash the scales yet be healthy, metabolically speaking.  Tom then goes onto to explain in his opinion why it’s still important to lose weight even if you’re a member of the fat and fit group.

Joel Jamieson is quickly becoming one of my favorite people to read.  While he’s primarily a strength coach for MMA fighters, he’s always writing things that make you think.  His site is worth checking out – and it does need a membership.  But membership is free.  In one of his more recent blog posts, he made a gem of a book available for free download.  One of the orginal texts on periodization, Fundamentals of Sports Training by Matveyev, can be downloaded here.  This will appeal to the trainers and coaches out there more than anyone else.

Maintaining a neutral spine is a concept that seems to be taken for granted more often than not nowadays.  The vast majority of my clients coming throug the doors of my gym, however, are lacking the body awareness, mobility or stability required for maintaining a neutral spine in static and dynamic postures.  Check out Mike Robertson’s brief video tutorial of teaching neutral spine dynamics.

Here’s a great piece Lyle McDonald wrote a while back regarding the importance of context. The only absolute is there are no absolutes.  I know that’s not what the gimmicky marketers would like for you to believe.  But it’s the truth.