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It’s important to keep in mind that there’s a collection of fundamental principles that apply to all “programs” that work. Put differently, if one particular program woks it’s because it forces its users to apply the fundamentals that drive progress. These fundamentals aren’t sexy. They aren’t novel. Most of all they’re only useful when they’re combined with hard work consistently.

Our culture demands instant gratification. People pay no attention to the fact that outside of liposuction and drugs, enhancing body composition is a very slow and laborious process. Instead they’ll embark on an endless pursuit of the Perfect Program that promises quick and amazing results. Demand drives supply, so make no mistake… there’s no shortage of sellers who promise the world.

It’s like a giant pond stocked with infinite fish who are hungrier than hell. The sellers are the fisherman – the customers the fish. The fisherman who throw the biggest and brightest bait into the water are going to catch the most fish. It doesn’t matter how smelly and disgusting that bait is… as long as it looks the look it’ll get eaten. The fish on the other hand aren’t smart enough to catch on. They’ll watch their friends and family get yanked from the water time and time again after eating this extravagant looking bait. Yet, as soon as the bait lands in front of them, they’re wide-jawed ready to feast.

Because the fundamentals aren’t sexy, they’re not used in the sales process. Sellers will bury them behind a plethora of inflated, flamboyant, baseless claims that appeal to the desperation and ignorance of the masses. They want you to believe they’ve found the greatest thing since sliced bread and as history shows, they don’t have to try very hard. ┬áIf we look at every single program out there that was worth a damn, however, we’d find that there’s a relatively small list of core principles that drive the efficacy across the board. Everything else is hype.

Even worse are the marketers who’ll make outrageous claims without any backing of fundamentals. At least the previous group lies to trigger a sale of something that will “work” if applied. This latter group, on the other hand, cares even less about integrity.

Regardless, we’re left with a vicious cycle where some folks get ridiculously rich while others drown in frustration. With that said, it should be obvious that there isn’t One Right Way of doing things. There simply isn’t. There are many ways to apply the underlying, foundational principles that will lead to effective results. This partly explains why you see so many folks succedding using a variety of avenues.

Liken it to driving… If you’re trying to drive from Philadelphia to San Diego and you’re looking at a map, you’ll realize there are many ways of getting from point A to point B. Some may be more efficient or direct than others, but others might be more suitable depending on the driver, the weather, the vehicle, etc. The fundamental pinciples would be things like using a car, using gasoline and oil, heading west, stopping at red lights, etc.

The nearer you get to point B the more attention you’ll have to pay to the finer nuances. But these come well after you’ve got a firm handle on the basics – the fundamentals. Anything that’s built upon these principles works when consistently adhered to.

The message is – don’t program hop in hopes of finding something that’s perfect. It doesn’t exist and you’d be missing the forest for the trees. If you’ve been spinning your wheels, it’s most likely due to a lack of effort and consistency. Or you could be following a “program” that’s not rooted in the necessary basics. A large part of what we do at Body-Improvements is train “fish” to be cognizant of the “fishing line” and “hooks” so they can avoid the “bait.” There are no sercrets. There is no magic.


A quickie

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I received this question today, which sums up the problem with how most folks are thinking about things when it comes to weight control…

“Can you advise on some new weight loss methods? I’m summing up all I’ve tried and want to try something new to shed some pounds before my sister’s wedding.”

My response:

There’s nothing new under the sun. All these prepackaged ideas and products are simply worn out reiterations of the same basic principles. This industry is guilty of continually churning the same information over and over again in new and shinier packages in order to make a buck off the unsuspecting masses who are looking for the “cutting edge” stuff.

Stop looking for the secrets and start practicing consistency with the basics that we know work.