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Diamonds in the rough

Posted: July 4, 2009 in Random Blurbs

Wanted to drop a quick update in the blog…

Recently I was sent a video from this show everyone but me seems to be watching called America’s Got Talent.  From what I’ve seen, this show has a habit of producing web-sensations out of ordinary folks who surprisingly sing extremely well.

It made me think of a couple of things:

1.  Chicken catching?  Damn does that sound like a low-stress, cool job.  We need some human-catchers around here… the traffic is getting so unbelievably bad and there’s a whole lot of stupid getting behind the wheels of cars it seems!  And 60,000 chickens?  Who’d he work for?  KFC?

2.  I’m not much of a fan when it comes to country music.  My digital music library most definitely houses *some* country as I believe there’s a time and place for all genres of music.  It’s just very rare I pull some out to listen to.  That said, I’ve never heard this song before which is by Garth Brooks.  The message this song gives is truly powerful.  I’ve lost some very good friends far too early in life.  Don’t take time for granted and don’t leave things unsaid, friends.  

3.  Great things come in a variety of packages.  Don’t get fooled by the media, society, and marketers who lead us to believe quality must come in bright, fancy packaging or look a particular way.  Just as many on this show did with Kevin Skinner, I’m sure we’re all guilty of jumping to conclusions far too quickly.  This can lead to huge opportunity costs.

I know it’s all the rave these days to sell complexity.  It seems the more secretive and mystical a product appears, the more the consumer feels a sense of need.  More often than not it’s the basic and simplistic tools and methods that give you the most mileage in terms of your goals though.  These things are eclipsed nowadays to the point many never even consider them.  A jump rope?  A circuit session of calisthenics?  An old fashion strength program without unstable surface training with the bosu ball?  Are you serious?

Funnily enough, from what I’ve seen it’s the people spending the money on the latest and greatest who are the furthest from their goals.  Ditch this mentality and focus on consistently applying the simplistic.  That’s my mantra.  There will always be someone pushing the quick fix because they know there will always be some sucker out there willing to shell out money for it.  Be sure you’re continually looking past the crap that’s shoved down our throats through media today, keeping an eye on the diamond on the rough –  the basics.