Quick thoughts to a friend who recently fell off the wagon…

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Random Blurbs

Welcome back, man. It’s a real pleasure to see you around these parts again.  Sorry to hear you’re not coming in flaunting all kinds of amazing results. But ya know what? That’s life. Ups. Downs. They’re both going to happen. But the great thing is the moment that’s right in front of you… here and now… is opportunistic. You have the power, which you should be thankful for, to squeeze what you can from the here and now.

So start each day asking yourself, “What’s it going to be? Am I going to let food dominate my life? Or am I going to CHOOSE to kick some ass?  I can do this, I know I can.  It’s on me to make it happen.”

And of course managing your expectations is a must. You can’t expect to be “on” 100% of the time. You’re going to drop the ball. You’re going to binge. You’re going to miss workouts. But that’s part of the process. We ALL do it. So don’t feel like an outsider or a failure. Be happy that you’re on the same road as the rest of us.

Definitely start with some sort of basic structure on the nutrition and exercise front. Stuff that’s easy to apply and stick with. You have to create something that you can build upon down the road once you get your feet on stable ground again.


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