Best Weight

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Book Reviews

I believe this book sells for $10 or so on Amazon.  I can’t remember who’s blog I was reading – but they recommended this book.  Better yet, it’s free if you join the Canadian Obesity Network, which is also free.  Just sign up here, then go to resources, and you’ll be able to download your free e-copy.

Not everyone will enjoy the book.  It’s written by two obesity experts (Dr. Yoni Freedhoff and Dr. Arya M. Sharma) for physicians.  One thing I know after working with obese folks is their physicians, generally speaking, don’t understand them.  They’ll bark over and over again about how important it is for their obese patients to lose weight, yet, never offer up any concrete suggestions beyond eat less and move more.

This book attempts to bridge this divide and frankly, I think it does a pretty decent job at it.  Obesity is a very complex subject and given that this book is short (at just shy of 100 pages).

You’ll read about stuff that truly is geared towards the physician such as office set up in the context of obese patients as well as stuff that’s applicable to everyone such as common hurdles to weight loss, medication, weight loss surgery, eating disorders, medical complications associated with obesity, nutrition, and much more.  If for no one else, I suggest this book for anyone who’s dealing with overweight and/or obese clients/patients.

The take home message is, calories in vs. calories out is always the name of the game.  But it’s not that simple.  People overeat for a variety of reasons and guilting someone into weight loss is generally the last thing that’s going to work.  In addition, now, more than ever, it seems a combination-fix is what’s going to be the best “cure” for obesity where the issue is attacked from the pharmacological, psychological, nutrition and exercise front.

This was talked about extensively in my interview with Lyle McDonald last year when I asked about the “cure for obesity.”



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