Should I Eat the Yolk? Book Review

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Book Reviews

Jamie Hale is a standup member of the fitness community.  I say this because he puts out objective, evidence-based information.  Seems like something that should be typical of a fitness professional, but sadly it’s not.  Should I Eat the Yolk? resembles a conversation between a novice and a quality professional where the novice is free to ask anything he wants.  It uses a question-answer format where Jamie answers most of the common questions asked by people trying to navigate their way through the conflicting information that plagues this industry.

He examines each claim very briefly.  It makes for a very fast and easy read.  Truthfully, it needn’t be anything different.  It’s not written to extensively review any one topic.  Rather, Jamie attempts to put various myths to rest by looking at what the science actually says.

The first section of the book deals with health and nutrition claims.  There you’ll find Jamie’s take on questions such as:

  • Do high insulin levels cause obesity?
  • Does it matter where calories come from?
  • Can people with hypothyroidism lose weight?
  • Does eating specific types of foods together cause weight gain?
  • Are high-protein diets bad for the kidneys?
  • To maximize weight loss, should I eat small amounts every two to three hours?
  • Is organic food better for your health than conventional food?
  • Is weight loss slowed by not eating enough?

In the second section of the book Jamie looks at exercise claims.  There you’ll find his take on questions such as:

  • Is it possible to lose stubborn body fat?
  • Will gaining muscle speed up my metabolism?
  • Will performing sit-ups shrink my waistline?
  • Will exercise get rid of cellulite?
  • Is weight training safe for children?
  • Will high-repetition weight training make me lean?
  • Is projecting the knees over the toes while exercising dangerous to the knees?
  • Are exercise machines safer than free weights?

In the third and final section of the book Jamie talks about the basics that apply to all effective diets and answers some common questions he has received as a personal trainer.

This read was fun, refreshing and to-the-point.  I recommend it to anyone who’s caught up in the paralysis by analysis that tends to set in when examining diet and exercise information.  You want brief, well-reasoned answers that come from a seasoned and well-read professional – invest the time in reading this book.  You’ll be able to read it in a couple of hours and you’ll come out on the other end with a much clearer perspective of the truth.

  1. […] I reviewed Jamie Hale’s book, Should I Eat the Yolk, back in October.  It’s a fun, easy read that dispels a lot of the myths that plague the fitness industry.   He covers this topic in the book, but he also wrote about Is Bottled Water Safer Than Tap Water on his site, which is an eye-opening read. […]

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