Happy New Year

Posted: January 3, 2009 in Random Blurbs

I wanted to take a moment and extend best wishes to all our readers for this upcoming new year.  I hope everyone had wonderful holidays.  We’ve been quiet in terms of the blog.  I (Steve) ended up moving into a new home which has robbed my time.  It’s a 300 year old home that Gordy swears is haunted.  Other than a few random telephone calls though, nothing freaky has happened in just over a month.  This coupled with the holiday season has left us very little free time.

We do have things in the pipeline though.  Tom Venuto and I are in the process of starting an interview, which I’m very excited about.  Tom has always been one of the mainstream ‘experts’ on the Internet who maintained my respect due to the great information he puts out.  He also just released his new book which is hardcopy.  It hit shelves this month and you can read more about that here.  He’s sending me a copy as we speak so I’ll be sure to review that for our readers in the coming months.

As we mentioned in our introductory post,  we would like for interviews to be one of the foundational cornerstones of this blog.  Finding names that a) have my respect and b) are willing to do interviews will be a challenge though.  So far we’ve been quite lucky.

After Tom, Alan Aragon and I have discussed doing an interview which will be fantastic.  He is one of the best sources of information I’ve found regarding nutrition.  Invariably Alan puts out work rooted heavily in great, unbiased research and science.  His book as well as his monthly research review subscription are certainly worthy investments for those interested in the technical side of things.  If you’re a trainer or professional working in the fitness/health capacity, it’s silly not to have a subscription to Alan’s research review.

For a few reading this, it might seem like I’m advertising the heck out of a few authors.  Frankly, I do promote their products in hopes that people will actually spend the time and money reading and learning from these guys.  There are so many authors and books out on the subjects of fitness and nutrition that from the lay point of view, it’s near impossible to decipher what’s worth investing in and what’s not.  Not always, but usually the books that are worth it don’t find themselves on the shelves of the big name book stores.  In my experience, the mainstream stuff is nowhere near the quality in terms of information compared to the types of work I highlight in this blog.  Unless you’re familiar with where to look on the web, you simply aren’t exposed to the kind of information I tend to highlight in this blog.

We’ve earned the trust of many of our readers and stand as a reliable ‘filter’ for what to invest in.  If anyone reading this has questions about any of the products or authors we highlight in this blog, by all means, feel free to drop us an email.  The address is found on the right hand side of this page.

On that note, another year is about to wrap up.  With this in mind, what is it that you want to say you’ve accomplished come December of 2009?

Best wishes,

Steve Troutman

  1. maleficent says:

    Happy new year back at ya… Hope it’s an outstanding year for you and Gordy and your loved ones…

  2. tony o says:

    Looking forward to the interviews. Glad you had some time to update this blog Steve.

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