Hawaii and some thoughts

Posted: November 5, 2008 in Random Blurbs

Just to one up Steve…while he was hiking the Delaware Water Gap in East Stroudsburg I was lucky enough to hike the great, dormant volcano of Haleakala in Maui last week.  The volcano stands a little over 10,000 feet and boasts one of the best views of a sunrise in existence. My fiancé, my long time training client, and his friend, Joel, joined me for the exploratory hike.



It was very cool to hike with Gary, my client. He’ll probably kill me for sharing this, but his life is inspiring and I’m proud of how far he has come.  In addition, I really wanted to rub it in Steve’s face that I was in Maui without him.  Anyone who knows Steve knows Maui is where he wants to be 24/7.

We hiked a total of 12 miles, 6 down and 6 back up.  I was impressed Gary hung with me the entire time (although I kicked his butt in surfing!).


Gary has been training with me a little over 3 years now and has made leaps and bounds with regards to weight loss, strength and life style change. This is a man who was once over 300lbs.  He’s now under 200 and 15% body fat.  Much to my amazement he is starting to get stronger than me (which I will not allow). 

Little does he know but we’re about to switch his programming up.  No more strength training; we’re going to sign him up for some ‘pumping and toning’ or step classes. I mean, what else am I supposed to do when one of my clients is starting to get stronger than me? 

Just kidding Gary!

How did Gary get to the place he is at right now? How did he go from being 300+ lbs to not only hiking, but hanging with his trainer’s pace on some pretty crazy terrain?


Fitness and health goals are one of the hardest things to accomplish in life. It’s not that we don’t know how or what to do.  It has more to do with breaking addictions and bad habits.  As Steve always says, it’s about finding ways to maintain consistency that’s tricky.

One thing that many people forget is structure.  In the last blog post Steve discussed things to keep in mind when you’re not following your structured program.  His comments, though simple, are something a lot of people seem to forget easily.  On the flipside though, winging it is not the solution more often than not.

Every goal in life that you have must have a plan.  If you were going to start your own business would you jump headfirst or would you start by brainstorming with pen and paper?

We are huge advocates of writing and that’s one factor that helped Gary maintain consistency, which fueled his success. Our clients who spend time maintaining a journal, writing down their thoughts, keeping a food journal, planning out their exercise in a gym log, etc. are the ones who are able to maintain consistency the best.  Something about putting pen to paper really solidifies the reality of it all.  It allows you to capture your thoughts and take an outside-in view of what’s really happening with your life.  Without addressing things from this angle, it’s extremely easy to let habit set in and learning from mistakes becomes very difficult.

If you’re not making the progress you had hoped for, ask yourself, “Am I doing enough self analysis of my thoughts and my actions relating to fitness?”  Some of our clients have equated journaling/logging to “turning on the light in their lives.” 

Needless to say, there are so many seemingly simple steps people overlook that, if implemented or taken, can have profound impacts.

Each of our online clients receives a training log.  In it the exercise variables are outlined that the client will do from week to week.  These variables include exercise selection, sets and reps, intensity, duration, general thoughts, etc.


This ensures they’re never going into a training session without a general plan of action and that plan of action builds upon where they left off in the last session.  This guarantees progress and continuity.  Also, nothing beats looking back over a year’s worth of logging and seeing how far you’ve come. 

This journal keeps you motivated and committed to your goals.  It is a source of accountability.  In my mind, it’s a must.


  1. maleficent1964 says:

    Great entry Gordy – cute and literate… 🙂 what a great story with Gary – it really is remarkable about what effort and determination can do for a person

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