Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies!

Posted: November 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

I wanted to take a brief moment to extend a huge congrats and thanks to the Philadelphia Phillies who brought home our city’s first baseball championship since 1980 (the first since I’ve been alive). Many believe Philadelphia is victim to ‘The Curse of Billy Penn.’ Legend has it, based upon an agreement, no building was to be built higher than the statue of William Penn, which resides on top of City Hall.  In 1987, however, this agreement was broken when One Liberty Place was erected.   Since 1983 when the Sixers won, no sports team in Philadelphia has brought home a championship; not the Sixers, not the Phillies, not the Flyers, and certainly not the Eagles.   

Thanks to the ever-powerful Comcast Corp., they added a massive skyscraper to the Philadelphia skyline in 2007, constructing the highest building in the city.  Interestingly, they added a small statue of William Penn at the top in hopes of appeasing the ghost of good ole’ Billy Penn.  Much to the city’s surprise, it worked!

The Philadelphia Phillies beat the Tampa Bay Rays to bring home the first championship to the city in 25 years.

I was fortunate enough to venture into the city this past Friday, along with 3 million others, to spectate the parade.  It was quite an experience; I’ve never seen that many people in such a small area before.  Needless to say there was a lot of beer drinking, screaming and rowdiness.  The police did an exceptional job at maintaining the peace and civility however… hats off to them.  

Let’s hope the Eagles can pull off a miracle this season.  They just overrode the Dallas Cowpies (I mean Cowboys) for 3rd place in the division.  

Here are a few pics of the parade last Friday.

Nobody can say it better than Philadelphia’s second baseman, Chase Ultey, when he addressed the crowd at Citizen’s Bank Park after the parade which left the commentators speechless.

Way to go Phils!

  1. maleficent1964 says:

    Fun entry… Glad you had fun at the celebration…

    Nice bit of trivia about the building heights…

  2. Blake - Bullski says:

    good for you with the Phils–but the Eagles? no way – GMen all the way!

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