Another Day On The Job

Posted: October 14, 2008 in Random Blurbs

As many of our readers know, Gordy and I have been feverishly working on a video database of exercises for our clients and website visitors.  Given our schedules, we really only have time to film on the weekends.  Add to that our video editing skills and you’ve got a recipe for postponement.

Our beloved Philadelphia Phillies are whooping up on Manny and the Dodgers in the National League Championship Series.  This past Friday, instead of going to the local sports bar with the rest of the guys to watch the game, we disappointingly went to the gym to film.

So off Gordy, Krista and I went on a Friday night.  (Krista is my wife)  We had to get some cable footage done as we don’t have access to cables in Gordy’s home gym.  Once we were through, we figured we’d have some fun.  Gordy, being the camera hog that he is, hurriedly started showing off with some muscle ups, plyo pullups, pistol squats and the like.  I was actually pretty impressed since he doesn’t specifically train for those exercises (which painfully shows in his form — Sorry Gord!)

He enticed me to get under 315 on the bench, which I haven’t done in a while.  Yea… one rep was more than enough to almost kill me.  My elbows and shoulders are still feeling it!

I figured we’d slap a video up of the ‘adventure’ since it’s been pretty serious around here lately with the recent interview with Lyle McDonald.


Best to all,


  1. maleficent1964 says:

    Show offs 🙂

    that switching grip pull up is pretty intense looking.. the form on the bend down and touch the floor and go back up – yeah I’m sure it has a real name -needs some work. those squats are really cool looking.

    and your wife is hot 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    Love the video! I felt like I had a workout by the time I finished watching! Intense is right!!

  3. Jay says:

    Good Stuff Guys!! I am excited for you as you have both put your time into this…keep it up! As soon as I lose my stomach I am heading back to Wal Mart to get some new spandex and I’ll catch up with you at the gym!

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